Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall/ Christmas 2012 Sneak Peak

I cannot help but to be very excited about what I have been doing this week. I have been in the shop creating new soaps like it is my job! .....Wait! It is my job. Well, one of them anyways. This is not all of it either, there will be about 5 or 6 more soaps added to this list in the next week.  So...just to give you an idea what will be available as soon as they are done curing, here they are:
Organic blue cornmeal and strawberry seeds make this soap scrubby. The clean/ minty smelling lavender, mint and clary sage essential oil blend is soothing and refreshing. This one may be around longer than just the holiday season. 

This is a very happy, feminine essential oil blend.  This soap is like an attitude adjustment in a bar. I cannot imagine anyone being able to resist the uplifting scent of geranium and citrus essential oils. The rose clay is great for cleaning and detoxing skin by drawing impurities from the pores.

 Pumpkin Spice
Spicy, creamy and totally yummy with notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, and pie crust; this is an annual favorite. Real pumpkin is loaded with vitamins and gives this soap it's orange color. There is a crushed vanilla bean swirl (see the tiny specks) which adds a very light, gentle exfoliating feel. I have several pumpkin fragrances and this is by far my favorite. This bar of soap is a must have for anyone who loves spicy fall scents.
Basil Lime
With top notes of sweet lime and base notes of earthy green basil, this essential oil blend soap is really yummy. Definitely a unisex scent. 
 Bergamot & Grapefruit
Top notes of fresh and fruity bergamot blend into deeper citrus notes. It is swirled with pink and green clay. Some of you may remember a soap called Pampelmousse, this one is similar but even better. It is my new favorite soap. Complex, uplifting and clean smelling.

 Blue Christmas 
If you think for a minute I was not channeling Elvis while making this soap, you would be mistaken. The picture does not illuminate the iridescent glitter on the top of the bars, which reminds me of my favorite Christmas cards, the sparkly ones. This soap is Christmas without being spicy and sweet. This gorgeous blue soap is scented with a blend of grapefruit, juniper, Italian lemon and mint. Well rounded and unisex. 
 Apple Pumpkin
This year, I decided to add a little bit of pumpkin to the apple pie. The result is even more delicious. This is a bar of soap that will make you smell good enough to eat. Top notes of apples and pears with middle notes of pumpkin and nutmeg with a base note of vanilla make this a scent to keep you in the spirit.
Don't get caught under the mistletoe without bathing with this first! Cedar, fir, mint are just a few of the essential oils that comprise this very woodsy blend. This is definitely a clean smell that will leave you kissable. 

 Lavender Oat
The lavender essential oil is strong in this soap which is blended with ground lavender and colloidal oatmeal. It is gently exfoliating and very soothing. Which sounds like just what I need after a big holiday party or an afternoon spent shopping. I am definitely looking forward to ending my busy days this season with a bar of this soap to put me to bed.  

 Cranberry Fig
This is another holiday favorite! Crisp tart cranberries and sweet figs are made even better with a hint of blood orange and grapefruit.
Warm Sugar Vanilla
Our moisturizing cold process soap blend and sparkly glycerin soap are swirled in this sweet, delicious bar. This is loved by everyone and a safe choice when you are considering a soap for someone and are not sure of their scent preferences. 

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