Saturday, December 1, 2012

Un Petite Cadeaux

In French, "un petite cadeaux" is a small gift, a little something. You know, the tiny gifts that make your day? Whether you tuck them into stockings, casually hand them to a hostess after she opens the door to her home for you, or send them to school for your child's teacher; these gifts are not extravagant yet mean so much. This blog post is a collection of those little gifts that are perfect for this time of year. Soap is the perfect gift; everyone uses soap, it is calorie free, relatively inexpensive, does not add to clutter, and one bar of soap can be enjoyed many times.
We put a loofah in the center of our yummy glycerin soap! These 5 ounce bars of soap offer exfoliation, relaxation and fun all at the same time. Very popular as hostess gifts, teacher's gifts and stocking stuffers and a wide variety of fragrances and colors make sure that you will find the right one for everyone on your list.

Soap in a Sweater
This soap comes in a crocheted soap saver (Christmas Confetti style shown here)  made in the USA by moogly. This reusable bag is made from 100% cotton yarn and will extend the life of a bar of soap because it can be hung up in the shower to keep the soap dry. The best part is that you can use the bag like a wash cloth. Just lather up and hang it up. Toss it in the wash and it is ready for another bar of soap. 

Soap and Balm in Organza Bag
This simple gift is a bar of soap and a 1/4 ounce pot of aromatherapy
balm or solid perfume. Packaged in an organza bag that can be used as a soap saver. This is tied off with a gift tag (not shown).

This "little something" is a brown bag packed with a whole lotta something! A bar of soap, a full size (10 ounce) jar of our ultra moisturizing and a little 1/4 ounce pot of solid perfume or aromatherapy balm. You can add lip balm and shea butter hand cream for an ultimate package of pampering. 

This tiny little box packs a big wallop, the perfect small gift including; 2 oz of sugar scrub, a 2.5 oz glycerin soap, and a lip balm.  Everything someone needs to get acquainted with Bean Tree Soap.
Aromatherapy Gift Set
This set is perfect for the naturalist, the overworked, the person on your list that just needs to take some "me time" but realistically cannot make it to the spa. A bar of soap, a lotion bar, lip balm and a "to go" balm. Made with essential oils, these sets are to uplift, relax or simply help you clear your head.